Brewster Milton Robertson honored with Ala. State Senate Resolution

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Brewster Milton Robertson has been recognized by the Senate of the Legislature of Alabama in Session Resolution No. 11-330 for reasons most appropriate on Memorial Day Weekend.

The text of the resolution:

WHEREAS, we take great pride and pleasure in commending author Brewster Milton Robertson for his new fictional novel, "Gone to Graveyards," that gives an account of the Korean War that is very similar to his experiences in the war: and WHEREAS, Brewster Milton Robertson is an Auburn resident and a Korean War Veteran: he is the author of numerous other books, one of which was sold to Hollywood; His wife began to urge him to start writing the book six years ago and believes it to be the most serious book he has written; and

WHEREAS, Robertson says the book follows what actually happened to him during his three years in the war and acknowledged that the war actually lasted longer than what is officially recorded; he believes his book is important because it discusses aspects of the war that were previously unknown; and

WHEREAS, Robertson's novel is fictional, it is based on his own experiences in the Korean War, thus retaining valuable insight to the war from the point of view of a veteran; now therefore, n BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That it is an honor to commend Brewster Milton Robertson for his epic novel "Gone to Graveyards" which gives a valuable insight into the Korean War and a copy of this resolution is offered as a tribute to his work.

Certified by Patrick Harris, Secretary of State.

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